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Hey! So my name is Niki and I am a marketing and social media strategist for Torro Media. I love all aspects of marketing and social media. But you want to know what else I love!? Shopping! From all my shopping endeavors and experiences I have found some great products on Amazon that I am just obsessed with because of the quality and price and I would love to share them with you!


Best Amazon Bed Frame

1.) This first product is one I bought for my new apartment. This bed is everything!!! The neutral color and the shape of the headboard are just so aesthetically pleasing, and it’s comfortable as well as very affordable. This is also a great dupe for the West Elm Emmet bed because it has the same vertical tufting but is a fraction of the cost.

amazon finds

Best Amazon Skincare Essense

2.) I love this product. It is the holy grail to my skin care and is by far one the cheapest and most effective products I use. Korean skincare is the move people and this COSRX Snail Mucin 96% Power Repairing Essence is amazing. Just ignore the fact that there is snail juice in it because if you think about it at least it is an all natural product, half the time you don’t even know what you are putting in and on your body, and it will leave your skin feeling smooth, soft and dewy.

amazon find

Best Amazon Sweatshirt

3.) Now this hoodie from LASLULU is one of my favorite things to wear anywhere and I have it in almost every color available. I have worn it to work, to the gym, out with friends, TBH it is great for any occasion. It is also a great dupe of the Lululemon Scuba hoodie but is more than $100 less, how can you beat that??

amazon find

Best Amazon Mascara Hack

4.) This is one of  the cheapest items I found that I use almost everyday. If you wear mascara, it is such a pain and inconvenience when you get it on your upper eyelid while applying it. This Mascara Shield Applicator is great for stopping the mess and helping you get volume when putting on mascara! There are 8 that come in a pack and they are easy to clean off with just a makeup wipe. These are one of the greatest makeup hack products I have found on Amazon.

Amazon Find

Best Amazon LED Lights

5.) I am a big fan of mood lighting to add an extra decorative element to my space. These strip LED lights are awesome because you can stick them anywhere (I have mine behind my headboard) and there are 20 color options to choose from so you can change the color whenever you are feeling like it!

These are just a few items I have found, and if you want to see more of my favorite amazon finds go check out my page here