#1 Episode 65:
Skip Any YouTube Ad
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If you want to skip an ad, just add a “T” after any YouTube URL. When you hit enter, it will take you directly to the video without having to watch any of the advertisements.

@torro.io 🤯 There’s a shortcut for everything! See for yourself! Helpful Websites: EPISODE 22 #shortcut #productivity #google #new #trends #marketing #shortcuts #hack ♬ original sound - Torro Media

#2 Episode 22:
Shortcuts for Everything

We all have our favorite shortcuts. Whether it’s CTRL+C to copy or CTRL+V to paste, we know them all and use them every day. But did you know that there are shortcuts to help you be more productive with Google?

Google owns the register for .new, and it’s about to change your life. Why? You can type “.new” into any search bar and instantly create a new document or spreadsheet with just one click.

#3 Episode 33:
Remove Anything From Any Photo

Have you ever wanted to remove something from a photo?

Maybe you want to remove your ex-boyfriend’s face from the picture you took, or maybe you just want to make it look like the person in your profile pic doesn’t have any teeth. Whatever the case may be, we have the tool for you!

Magic Eraser is here to save the day. Just drop any image into our app and start removing people, objects, and anything else that might distract from your masterpiece.

@torro.io The best way to summarize articles ⏰ ✏️ Helpful Websites: Episode 56 #summary #summarize #TLDR #hacks #hack #lifehacks #productivity #marketing #reading #tiktoktaughtme ♬ original sound - Torro Media

#4 Episode 56:
#1 Summary Tool

TLDR is a website that summarizes articles with just a few clicks. It’s basically like CliffNotes for online articles.

If you’ve ever found yourself sitting there, reading an article on your phone, and thinking “I don’t have time for this,” then TLDR is for you. The app lets you summarize articles into a few sentences (or paragraphs, if it’s really long) so that you can read them as quickly as possible.

It even has a feature where it’ll flash the first sentence of a summary at the top of your screen when you’re scrolling through your Facebook feed and see an interesting article pop up! It’ll give you a quick peek at what’s inside without having to click through to read the whole thing.

You can also use it to write quick notes about the articles that interest you so that they don’t get lost in your stack of browser tabs or make sure that everyone in your group knows what they need to do when they get back from vacation!

@torro.io Play anything video game… EVER! HELPFUL WEBSITES: EPISODE 14 #gamer #games #videogames #nintendo ♬ original sound - Torro Media

#5 Episode 14:
Play Any Video Game Ever

If you’re a gamer, then you know that there’s nothing like the feeling of playing your favorite video game at home. But sometimes you just don’t have time to sit down on the couch and play for hours on end—and that’s where Emulator Games Online comes in!

Emulator Games Online allows you to pick by system and game, so you can play any video game ever made, including arcade machines and handheld devices. Whether you want to play Super Mario Bros. or Golden Axe, they’ve got it covered!

The best part? It’s free!

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