B randing is one of the most important things a company can do, but what does it mean? What is a brand and why is it important to have one? The following will explain all the aspects of branding that you need to know. How do we know about this? Not only do we offer this service at Torro Media but WE JUST DID IT ourselves! 

Joining Matt Sullivan two years ago was a digital marketing opportunity of a lifetime at what was known then as Impelr. What is an Impelr…people would ask. Although a symbolic part of an engine that pushes you forward, we knew we wanted to rebrand to something that fit us better and encompassed what we were building. Two years later, we are stronger than ever and what could show that strength, determination and confidence better than a bull? Torro Media was formed. 

The Hook ‘em horns hand symbol can now be seen being thrown around in the “bullpen” in our offices in Wilmington and Boston. Our brand now has a meaningful name, a unifying symbol and the best of all, a mascot! As an employee at Torro, I can tell you that these changes have instilled pride into my everyday life. I love being a part of the bullpen and a part of the Torro Media family. All of that said, the rebrand does not stop here. This new sense of pride and unity has helped with sales, marketing and especially in the hiring process. The brand and culture are now working hand in hand and it is clear – people want to be a part of Torro. 

We know how and why to rebrand because we have lived it and are still living it every day. While we still carry the heart and character of Impelr, we all wear the black and white with pride now every day in the bullpen, taking one step at a time to maintain our spot as the top digital marketing agency in Boston. 

Starting from the beginning though…if you are interested in rebranding and want to learn more starting from the basics…check out the below information!

Mascot Name

What should the mascot of Torro Media be named?
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What is Branding?

Branding is the process of creating a strong and unique identity for your company. It’s about creating a consistent image, name and logo that people will remember, want to buy from you, and leave good reviews online.
Branding isn’t just about deciding on a color scheme or hiring someone to design your company logo. It’s about figuring out how you want to be seen by your customers—and then making sure everything else follows suit. Your branding should reflect what makes your business unique: your mission statement, values, product offerings and target audience.

What is a brand?

A brand is a promise. It’s a promise of value; it’s a promise of quality, it’s a promise of experience, trust and consistency. It’s innovation and loyalty.
A company makes promises to its customers in almost everything they do: how they speak about their products or services, what images they use on social media, the way they interact with clients online or offline. A brand represents all these things together as one unified message that differentiates your business from others within your industry.

Why is it important to have a brand?

Branding is the process of creating an image, name or symbol that distinguishes your business from others. It’s what makes you stand out in the marketplace and helps establish trust with future customers.
A brand helps you make decisions about how your business should be run, what products it should offer and who should work for it. A strong brand will also help grow your business, allowing you to expand into new markets and attract more investment.

Why do some companies rebrand?

When you’re deciding whether or not to rebrand, think about why you want to do it. There are a few common reasons:

  • You want to change the image of your company. Companies that have been around for a long time might be doing well, but they aren’t doing as well as other companies in their industry. Or even if they are doing well and want to increase their presence and visibility in the world, they might need an update in order to stand out from competitors.

  • You’re trying something new with your product or service offerings that requires a visual change as well. For example, if you’re launching an online version of your business on top of your existing brick-and-mortar stores, then it would make sense for both sides of your business—the old one and the new one—to look similar so that customers know what kind of experience they’ll get from either type of store location (or both).
  • Your brand has become dated over time because technology has changed since its inception (for example: 10 years ago cell phones were huge bricks compared today’s tiny smartphones). If this is true then updating the aesthetic will enable consumers who bought products early on when there was no competition available but now have many options available at lower prices than before (iPhones)

How important is a good logo design in a successful brand?

A logo is the most important element of a brand. It’s a visual representation that helps customers identify your company and products at first glance. Your logo should be unique, memorable and simple to read. It should also be scalable (meaning it can be enlarged or reduced without losing its clarity) and flexible (present in many forms across different media).
Logos are often designed with simplicity in mind because they need to work well as small marks on packaging, but also hold up well as large images on billboards or websites. A good logo designer will design something simple yet effective for you.

What should be considered when designing a logo?

When designing a logo, consider the following:

  • Do not use words. Logos represent the company and its products, so the word “company” should be avoided in your design.
  • Keep it simple. A logo must be instantly recognizable by anyone who has seen it before, even if they are looking at only one or two colors of ink on paper or on screen. For this reason, avoid detailed designs and colors that require lengthy explanations to understand their meaning or purpose.
  • Make it memorable. A great logo will stick with people long after the brand name has been forgotten—it is the visual representation of an entire company’s reputation and identity! It should not only look good but also feel good when people see it day after day over many years; otherwise they might get sick of seeing it around all over town (or online). This is why logos often use very simple shapes instead of complex ones—even though they may look boring at first glance!

When you know why having a brand is important, you can make decisions that help your company succeed.

If you’ve ever been to a restaurant and noticed that all the food is cooked in a certain way, or if you’ve ever had a digital experience where everything was consistent from one screen to another, it’s probably because of branding.
Branding is what helps define who you are and what makes your business special. Branding helps people understand why they should buy from you instead of someone else. Branding also provides consistency in messaging, which helps build trust with customers so that they know exactly what kind of experience they can expect from your company.


By now, you should have a better understanding of what branding is and why it’s so important to your company. You shouldn’t be too worried about the cost of hiring someone to help with this process either—many design professionals offer affordable rates for small businesses. If you truly want to succeed, then rebranding is worth every penny!