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Top 100 Websites in the World (by Search Traffic)

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Top Websites in the World

Recently AHRefs.com released a new "top" page with monthly data on the most popular websites in the world. We'll save you a click and share the information here in a more concise list with the same interactive links to learn more about each website's search traffic.

Your Website Chugging Backlinks for SEO

Why is this important?

Backlinks! Backlinks are crucial for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for several reasons:

  1. Search Engine Ranking: Backlinks are a key factor in how search engines, like Google, rank websites. When a website links to another, it's essentially casting a 'vote' for that site, indicating that it contains valuable or relevant content. The more high-quality backlinks a website has, the more likely it is to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).
  2. Credibility and Trust: Backlinks from reputable and authoritative websites are seen as endorsements, enhancing the credibility of your website. Search engines view these links as a sign of trust and quality, which can positively impact your site's ranking.
  3. Referral Traffic: Besides the SEO benefits, backlinks can also drive significant referral traffic to your website. When users click on links from other websites, they are directed to your site, increasing your overall traffic and potential customer base.
  4. Indexing: Backlinks help in the faster discovery and indexing of your website by search engines. New websites, in particular, can benefit from backlinks as they prompt search engine bots to find and index the site's content.
  5. Network Building: Acquiring backlinks often involves networking and building relationships with other website owners and content creators. This can lead to collaborative opportunities and further exposure.
  6. Competitive Advantage: Having a robust backlink profile can give you an edge over competitors in your niche. It's a critical component of a comprehensive SEO strategy.
  7. Domain Authority: Backlinks from high-authority sites can significantly boost your own site's domain authority, which is a metric used to gauge the overall strength and reliability of your website.

    In summary, backlinks are a vital part of SEO because they enhance a website's visibility, credibility, and authority, all of which are essential factors in improving its ranking on search engines. However, it's important to focus on acquiring high-quality backlinks rather than just increasing the quantity, as search engines also consider the relevance and authority of the linking sites.

Backlinks Help Pages Rank Higher in Googles Search Results

Websites with the most search traffic in the World.




Search traffic

1   youtube.com 4.8B +38M
2   en.wikipedia.org 2.5B +55M
3   facebook.com 2.1B −47M
4   instagram.com 1.5B +52M
5   twitter.com 1.3B +23M
6   pornhub.com 1.1B −16M
7 ↑1 xnxx.com 677M +4.8M
8 ↓1 whatsapp.com 656M +1.1M
9   amazon.com 642M −22M
10   pinterest.com 616M +29M
11   play.google.com 588M +20M
12 ↑1 microsoft.com 579M +9.7M
13 ↓1 imdb.com 527M +3.4M
14   xvideos.com 506M −90M
15   es.wikipedia.org 500M +24M
16   reddit.com 459M +138M
17 ↑7 apple.com 458M +13M
18 ↑2 tiktok.com 395M +79M
19 ↓1 de.wikipedia.org 328M +20M
20 ↑1 globo.com 311M +1.5M
21 ↓2 linkedin.com 307M +892K
22   fandom.com 277M −8.5M
23 ↓6 xhamster.com 272M +3.1M
24 ↓1 fr.wikipedia.org 272M +11M
25 ↑1 yahoo.co.jp 268M +9.3M
26 ↓1 ja.wikipedia.org 262M +18M
27   ru.wikipedia.org 257M +8.2M
28   nytimes.com 256M −9.9M
29   translate.google.com 230M +6.6M
30   uol.com.br 230M +3.8M
31   quora.com 230M +57M
32 ↑400 it.wikipedia.org 208M +11M
33 ↓1 mayoclinic.org 206M +9.6M
34 ↓1 spboss.blog 205M +23M
35 ↑3 vk.com 201M +348K
36 ↑3 satta-king-fixed-no.in 191M +147M
37 ↑10 amazon.in 185M −1.2M
38 ↓4 indeed.com 183M +2.2M
39 ↓3 xnxx.health 183M +47M
40 ↑1 nih.gov 176M −1.5M
41 ↑4 indiatimes.com 175M −15M
42 ↓2 openai.com 174M +2.5M
43 ↑5 netflix.com 172M +1.4M
44 ↓2 booking.com 172M +3.0M
45 ↓8 xosodaiphat.com 169M +913K
46 ↓2 detik.com 167M +3.7M
47 ↑2 tripadvisor.com 164M +7.2M
48 ↓2 cricbuzz.com 164M −1.8M
49 ↓6 rakuten.co.jp 163M −2.5M
50 ↑1 bbc.co.uk 160M −7.7K
51 ↑2 canva.com 156M +1.3M
52 ↑25 yelp.com 154M −3.5M
53 ↑1 pt.wikipedia.org 151M +16M
54 ↓2 walmart.com 147M −4.7M
55 ↓5 sattaamatka.co.com 145M −9.5M
56 ↑3 espn.com 145M −1.2M
57 ↑1 xoso.com.vn 145M +901K
58 ↓1 amazon.co.jp 145M +11M
59 ↑2 healthline.com 142M +12M
60 ↑4 espncricinfo.com 133M −5.4M
61 ↑2 amazon.de 131M +7.8M
62 ↑3 webmd.com 128M +6.2M
63 ↓3 iplt20.com 127M +28M
64 ↓2 yandex.com 126M −768K
65 ↓10 ikea.com 126M +5.1M
66 ↓10 mail.yahoo.com 126M −2.3M
67 ↑1 etsy.com 126M −23M
68 ↓1 adobe.com 123M +3.6M
69   sarkariresult.com 121M −258K
70 ↑2 ilovepdf.com 121M −40K
71 ↑3 ibomma.link 120M +2.6M
72 ↓1 flipkart.com 118M −12M
73   speedtest.net 118M +1.2M
74 ↓4 britannica.com 116M −35K
75 ↑1 weather.com 116M +22M
76 ↑2 dpboss.services 115M +51M
77 ↑2 hurriyet.com.tr 113M +1.2M
78 ↑8 ebay.com 113M −3.4M
79 ↑3 pl.wikipedia.org 109M +5.4M
80 ↑7 bbc.com 109M +1.8M
81 ↑4 snaptik.app 108M +8.5M
82 ↑2 amazon.co.uk 108M +7.6M
83 ↑5 merriam-webster.com 108M +5.0M
84 ↑5 zh.wikipedia.org 107M +1.3M
85 ↑8 sofascore.com 107M +5.2M
86 ↓11 byjus.com 106M +2.3M
87 ↓7 as.com 106M −1.0M
88 ↑2 samsung.com 104M +5.5M
89 ↑2 id.wikipedia.org 102M −4.2M
90 ↑4 ar.wikipedia.org 100M +1.3M
91 ↑14 tokopedia.com 99M +488K
92 ↑3 nike.com 98M +5.3M
93 ↓12 allegro.pl 96M +1.2M
94 ↓11 cambridge.org 96M +307K
95 ↑1 medlineplus.gov 96M +2.2M
96 ↓4 accuweather.com 95M +6.5M
97   savefrom.net 94M +8.0M
98 ↑4 clevelandclinic.org 94M −1.3M
99 ↑1 tr.wikipedia.org 93M +2.5M
100 ↑3 spotify.com 92M −8.7M


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