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Boston Video Production

Our Boston videography company specializes in creating high-quality videos for events, social media content, and business overviews. We use the highest quality equipment and techniques to capture stunning footage and create memorable video content.

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Boston Video Services

Our Boston video services offer a wide range of video production services for businesses, events, and individuals. These services include videography, editing, post-production, and more. Our professional videographers use the industry's best equipment and modern techniques to capture stunning raw footage, and experienced editors use state-of-the-art Adobe software to create polished, high-quality videos that leave a lasting impact on the viewer. Whether you're looking to create a promotional video for your business, social media, or document a special event, Torro's Boston video production can help.

  • Pre-Production
  • Production & Filming
  • Post-Production
  • Final Video Delivery
  • Video Promotion
  • Social Media Formatting
  • Posting Strategy
  • 3rd Party Uploads

Recent Video Samples

Our video examples are recordings or footage from real clients that we've worked with recently so showcase some of our capabilities. If there's a specific video you like, let us know and we can use it as inspiration for your own video shoot!

Sacred Supply Co.
CUOZZO Custom Menswear
GreenCare Collective


Our Videography Process

1. Pre-Production

This is the planning and preparation stage, where the project is developed and the necessary resources are gathered. This includes creating a script, storyboard, and shot list, as well as scouting locations, casting actors or finding real people, and scheduling the shoot.

2. Production

This is the actual filming or recording of the video. This includes setting up equipment, capturing footage, and working with talent or actors for the best Boston video production.

3. Post-Production

This is the editing and refining stage, where the footage is assembled and polished into a final product. This includes editing the footage, adding special effects, color grading, and creating a soundtrack.

Remote Video Production
We must all acknowledge that the ongoing crisis has interrupted our personal and professional life as we manage the current events of the day. The traditional business frontier is fast changing, including how and where we conduct business, interact with clients, collaborate with colleagues, and handle our marketing. To satisfy the always changing video production and editing demands of all of our clients, including those who are distant, our team at Torro Media has switched to operating entirely remotely. In addition to corporate videos, marketing videos, "about us" videos, promotional videos, and ad videos, we also specialize in a wide range of other types of video production services.
Corporate Video Production
There is no communication tool more effective than video for getting your message out to your target audience, whether they are your customers or your staff. A video production firm with headquarters in Boston, Torro Media covers every step of production, including digital cinema filming, directing, producing, and dynamic post-production editing. We create expert HD movies for businesses, websites, marketing campaigns, and more. We have collaborated with businesses all over the US to produce corporate videos that are engaging, effective, and visually appealing. We collaborate closely with our clients from beginning to end, from developing creative concepts to writing the script and throughout the post-production process until your finished video is ready for public consumption.
Website Videos
Your website is attractive, but it lacks something to set your business apart from the competition. People are instantly engaged by online videos, which improves user experience and keeps them on your website longer. Including quality video will breathe new life into your website, whether it's a simple slow-motion background, an employee introduction, a "About Us" for the business, a product demonstration, or a tutorial. We think that every customer and website has specific requirements, so we customize our online video creation services to successfully achieve your specific objectives. The power of video is waiting for you... Are you ready?
About Us Videos
While a picture might be worth a thousand words, in the digital era, a video is unquestionably worth far more. Including a "About Us" video on your website is one of the finest methods to engage visitors right away. An "About Us" video gives your viewers a feel of who you are as a company, whether you're trying to attract a new customer or following or hoping to find your next rockstar employee. By giving viewers an inside look at your business in this film, you can pique their interest and encourage them to explore your website further. Every customer is different, and we will work closely with you at every stage to ensure that our services for creating about us films meet your requirements.
Promotional Videos
It might be challenging to actually hold your audience's interest for a long enough period of time to market your company, product, or service. Video is quickly replacing written content as people's preferred method of content consumption as they continue to turn to their smartphones and tablets for web browsing. Because of this, an increasing number of businesses are realizing the potential of video and using it to their advantage to connect with their target consumers. A well-done promotional video can not only hold the attention of your viewers and give you a way to connect with new clients, but it can also have a significant financial impact.
Product Demo Videos
Full-service video production business Torro Media is located in Boston and handles all step of production, including digital cinema filming, directing, producing, and dynamic post-production editing. Production of quality videos for websites, advertising, marketing, corporate use, and other uses is our area of expertise. We also produce product demo videos. Each client works closely with our highly skilled team of directors, videographers, writers, producers, and editors to develop engaging video content that communicates their message and reaches their target audience.
Fundraising Videos
We are aware that any non-profit organization relies heavily on fundraising. Even though you aim to change the world, your organization still needs resources to function at its peak. Torro Media relishes the challenge of assisting non-profits like yours in using video production for fundraising activities to tell their stories, accomplish their objectives, and leave a lasting impression on their communities.Your tale stands out. It's interesting. It's true. You need a video that is genuinely captivating and creates talk about your business and your objectives. In order to evoke a response from their audience, our team specializes in assisting non-profit organizations in telling their story in a distinctive, compelling manner. We'll support you every step of the way and work with you to create an engaging video that meets all of your objectives.
Healthcare Videos
Your patients are more than just clients. They are not a statistic or a number. The best information about you and the type of care your patients can receive is essential, but they also need to know that they will be treated with dignity and respect as you attend to their medical needs. At Torro Media, we can assist you in producing captivating, educational, and visually appealing healthcare videos that will demonstrate to your existing and potential patients your dedication to offering engaging, high-quality care.
Marketing Videos
The metrics of your website, your position in search results, and your ability to generate leads can all be significantly impacted by high-quality marketing videos that are created with this goal in mind. Customers need to understand who you are and what you stand for. They base their decisions on the character of your business and the nature of the services you do. At Torro Media, we are aware of the positive effects an effective and educational marketing film can have on your brand and financial results. Let us assist you in producing a video that engages your target audience and effectively conveys your message.

What Clients Say About Us

We believe in reputation over revenue and it shows in what our customers say about us.

"Matt is a professional in the truest sense of the word. Excellent response time, consistently checks in, and has single-handedly restored my faith in this widely daunting process."
Ryan Coyne
Owner at ReadyRoof
"Wonderful experience with Torro! Their team was knowledgeable, quick to turnaround requests and responsive to feedback."
Katrina Crowell
Katrina Crowell
Marketing Director at Maine Lobster
"Great, friendly team with a huge depth and breadth of knowledge. They helped me navigate brand new territory and provided valuable insight along the way."
Michael Kanarek
Head of Marketing at Mobile Game Dr
"Matt and his team took us all the way from concept to design to launch, with a great balance of hand-holding and autonomy. They helped us to re-imagine our branding, built out a modern, functional website, and have helped with SEO optimization. Highly recommend!"
Evan Russell
Co-Founder at Revvix

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Frequenctly Asked Questions (FAQ)

We constantly get asked questions about our video services. Here's some of the more popular ones.

How much does video production cost?
The price of producing a video varies according to the length, complexity, and nature of the film as well as the equipment and staff needed. For quality video production, I would budget at least $10,000. The beauty of this investment is you can use the video footage FOREVER!
How long does video production take?
Depending on the project, video production might take anything from a few weeks to several months from pre-production to final delivery.
What is the process for video production?

Pre-production, production, post-production, and delivery are usually the core steps in any video production process.

What types of videos can be produced?

We produce of all kinds of videos, including corporate videos, advertisements, music videos, documentaries, and more, can be created.

How can I ensure the best quality video?
Working with a reputable and experienced video production business is essential to ensuring the highest quality video production, as is effectively communicating your vision and project objectives.
Can my video is seen by my target audience?
Yes. By utilizing our marketing team for your video, you can connect with your target audience through numerous channels. It's crucial to pick the appropriate platforms to share the video on and the appropriate time to do it.

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