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Our Company


We believe in reputation over revenue

This company was built for the purpose of helping people and businesses grow. Yes, we offer design and marketing services, but at the core of these services is the ability to educate and consult on what is going to provide you the most value with what you can afford.

Our daily activity is rooted in showing a return on any investment, while we are mapping out what future activity could come in a scalable phased approach. Whether weโ€™re the right fit for you or not, weโ€™re happy to have that conversation to explore a healthy partnership.

We Solve for the Customer
There's no one-size fits all solution here. We solve problems based on your goals.
Autonomy & Accountability
We're 100% transparent on all results to hold ourselves (and you) accountable.
Long-term Impact with an Amazing Team
Our goal is to build long-term relationships and friendship on the foundation of success.

Meet Our Amazing Bulls

The best team of bulls at any agency in the world. No, we're not kidding.

Work Life Harmony

Our Added Benefits

We always put people first including our own. Check out the benefits of being a bull.

We offer Blue Cross Blue Shield to all employees.
Unlimited vacation. As long as your work is done. We gucci.
Dental Care
You have a great smile. Take care of those pearly whites.
Wear glasses? We want to make sure you see 20/20.
Bring Your Doggo
Dogs are the best. We love when they're in office.
WFH Fridays
As long as you have internet, you're golden to WFH.
401K Plan
We have an employee friendly 401K option for retirement.
Team Outings
We like to have a damn good time whenever we're together.
We provide a gym reimbursement for that healthy lifestyle incentive.
Secure Account
We provide a free security option for personal accounts.
Get a free audiobook account for team recommendations.
Live Music
Sometimes (if lucky), Pat will sing for you in the office.
โ€œI'm so proud of what we've built here at Torro Media. The team is family and we always have each other's best interest at heart whether in or out of the office. Everyone we hire is incredibly passionate about helping people and that's exactly what we do day-to-day. We help people and businesses become more successful. I believe our "reputation over revenue" mindset is what makes us so easy to work for/with."
Matt Sullivan
Founder & CEO at Torro LLC


Company History

  • Matt-Logan-Computer
    Impelr is born
    Before Torro Media, we were Impelr. Why you ask? Because an impeller is the part of an engine that transfers energy to push you forward. We still do that, but with a much better name. ๐Ÿค˜
  • Torro-Media-Team
    New Office Space
    If you haven't seen our office space (HQ) in Wilmington, you really need to schedule an in-person meeting and check it out.
  • _Torro
    Rebrand to Torro Media
    Impelr was never meant to grow into what the agency we have today, so it was time to rebrand to fit our growth and new goals.
  • Torro-Whiskey-Bull
    Open 2nd Office in Boston
    Our HQ is still located in Wilmington, MA, but to be closer to some clients we decided to open a 2nd office in Boston next to TD Garden.
  • IMG_2573 2
    Unknown... but we're excited!


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