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Oort's Migration to HubSpot CMS

Website Upgrade for Series A Announcement

Oort is a cybersecurity company that specializes in stopping account takeover for enterprise-level customers.


Oort, Inc.

The Goal

Migrate from WordPress website to HubSpot CMS


Industry: Cybersecurity

Number of Employees: 25+

Delivery Time

The project was completed within 6 weeks of the agreement being signed.

About The Project

Moving from Wordpress to HubSpot CMS can bring many benefits to your website and overall digital marketing strategy. HubSpot offers a more comprehensive and integrated platform, with features such as built-in analytics, lead generation tools, and a streamlined content creation process. Additionally, HubSpot's CMS is designed to be highly customizable, allowing you to create unique and engaging website experiences for your visitors.

However, migrating from WordPress can be a complex process, so it is important to plan and execute the transition carefully. It may also require help from developers and experts in HubSpot, which is where we stepped in. We outlined the full sitemap within Wordpress and made sure we converted templates that were coming over and set up proper redirects for anything that was no longer going to be utilized. It was a successful launch!


Oort was excited to announce their new Series A announcement, however they wanted their website to be fully set up on HubSpot CMS for this announcement. We needed to migrate all the content, templates in a short timeline.

Our design & development teams worked quickly in outline the correct wireframes with the new brand guidelines we received. We made all the proper updates within Figma before starting the development work in HubSpot CMS.
They had a successful launch a week before the Series A announcement. We connected all the new forms as well as any 3rd party tools being utilized. We reviewed Google Search Console and made sure Google recognized the new updates.



Oort is now fully moved over to HubSpot and utilizing the Marketing Hub for all of their marketing activities. The website is collecting data whether email submissions or website traffic related and being used within their HubSpot contacts. The company continues to update their blog post with weekly release notes about the platform.

As Oort grows, they're continue to evolve the website as HubSpot CMS is extremely scalable. They're utilize it's unique features within the back-end rather than relying on different 3rd party solutions. We're monitoring all of the website analytics within our reporting dashboards to show the continue value from this project.

β€œThe timeline for this project was a challenge, but we love that. If you show the Torro team a deadline we never say it can't be done, but instead how can it be done? We applied the appropriate resources and we're happy to get this live for their Series A announcement.”
Matt Sullivan
Found + CEO at Torro

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