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Planning, carrying out, and fine-tuning an SEO strategy that produces results is more difficult than ever. Our proven SEO tactics simply work.

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Custom SEO Services

Ranking organically is a marathon, but it's rooted on a strong website foundation with valuable content and knowledge. No matter where you are with your current website, we can help increase the rankings.

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • URL Structure
  • Title Tags & Meta Data
  • Navigation Structure
  • Duplicate Copy Check
  • Backlink Review
  • Keyword Infusion Plan

SEO Rank Tracker

How can you improve your rankings if you don't know what they currently are? We will give you a baseline of your current rank position on Google so you can see the improvements month-over-month.

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Our SEO Process

After we've identified overall SEO opportunities through assessing your website and the industry, we can start on researching between (1) what you want to rank for, and (2) what are good opportunities. Sometimes we'll find some low-hanging fruit that we see as an easy way to Page 1 and increased traffic, while other phrases made take longer due to the competitive nature of your industry. No matter what you want to rank for, there's a strategy that we can architect to help you achieve those goals.

What Clients Say About Us

We believe in reputation over revenue and it shows in what our customers say about us.

"Matt is a professional in the truest sense of the word. Excellent response time, consistently checks in, and has single-handedly restored my faith in this widely daunting process."
Ryan Coyne
Owner at ReadyRoof
"Wonderful experience with Torro! Their team was knowledgeable, quick to turnaround requests and responsive to feedback."
Katrina Crowell
Katrina Crowell
Marketing Director at Maine Lobster
"Great, friendly team with a huge depth and breadth of knowledge. They helped me navigate brand new territory and provided valuable insight along the way."
Michael Kanarek
Head of Marketing at Mobile Game Dr
"Matt and his team took us all the way from concept to design to launch, with a great balance of hand-holding and autonomy. They helped us to re-imagine our branding, built out a modern, functional website, and have helped with SEO optimization. Highly recommend!"
Evan Russell
Co-Founder at Revvix

Frequenctly Asked Questions

We constantly get asked questions about our SEO services. Here's some of the more popular ones.

How long does it take to see results?
It totally depends on what you want to rank for. We've had people see tremendous results in weeks (which is not the normal) and others start to really rank well after a couple of months. There's a lot of factors that go into it that we're happy to discuss with you.
I tried SEO once and it didn't work. Why?
Unfortunately there's A LOT of agencies in the industry that say they do SEO but they really don't. SEO is not a set it and forget it service, which is typically what happens with other agencies when we've audited their "SEO work." We're happy to share what works and what doesn't and how Google has changed these ranking factors over the years.
How much does an SEO campaign cost?

Most of our SEO plans start around $1,000/mo and go up based on how aggressive you want to get. We also recommend doing SEM (Search Engine Marketing) at the same time to have the biggest effect which is an added cost, but it works well and we're happy to show case studies of these methods.

Do I need to run Google Ads to do SEO?

No, but it can certainly help. We do independent SEO campaigns based on content creation and Google Business Profile optimization. We're happy to take a "crawl-walk-run" phased approach to get you and your business up to speed with the latest SEO practices.

How do you track results?
We have a reporting dashboard that crawls Google and Bing's SERP (Search Engine Results Page) to see the rankings of any terms or phrase you want to be found for. We'll review these rankings month and make the proper adjustments and create new content based on what we've seen results from.
Do I need to be using Wordpress CMS?
No, we're run successful SEO campaigns with other Content Management Systems, but it's important that you have a blog and the ability to easily update it. Wordpress CMS is great for SEO as there's a lot of tools to help, but it's more about the website's content and speed than the tool it's built with.

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