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Nicole The Intern: The Best Marketing Strategy Ever?

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Have you ever wanted to stick it to your boss and prove them wrong?

* Nicole The Intern enters *

Nicole is an intern with a mocktail company called "Mixoloshe." Her goals was very simple: to prove to her boss that she can create a better marketing plan for the business on her own and impact the business through social media.


She created this account (funny and sarcastic name) called "@TheBestMarketingStrategyEver" and immediately started created short, fun, funny content with the Mixoloshe cans and SMASHING THEM! A community of fans were born called #SmashArmy.


The stakes were high. Her boss approved this strategy, but said you need to get to 500,000 Followers by June 10th or your fired. Pretty intense, right? 

The content has been great with full transparency with the analytics, data, conversations with her boss and the followers just keep coming:


My problem with Nicole:

Followers are an easy metric to look at, which is the problem. People should not be looking at Followers these days because the social media algorithms are now extremely diplomatic. You no longer have to be the popular kid to get your content viewed. You just have to create great content. So I assume the 500K Followers bench mark is only for her boss to understand (because most people in leadership think "more followers = more business" in my personal experience), but that's not important anymore.

The Reach and Impressions are the most important metrics with social media content creation like this (with emphasis on Impressions) Why? Reach is the total number of times the content has been unique viewed (1 person), whereas Impressions are the total number of views (could be multiple views from the same person). It usually takes someone seeing a brand at least a few views (the old rule was 7 times) before they buy or take action, so you want as many impressions as possible.

Pat's Summary Video:



I wish I had interns like Nicole.

Nicole if you read this. Hit me up.

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