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The Best Alt Text Plugin for Wordpress

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How the Alt Text WP Plugin works:


Download the Alt Text Plugin

WordPress Plugin

Alt text plays a crucial role in enhancing the accessibility of images for both individuals and search engines.

By automatically generating alt text for every new image added to your media library, the Alt Text WP Plugin ensures that no image is left without descriptive text. Additionally, the bulk updater feature allows you to easily repair all your existing images with the click of a button. This not only improves the user experience for those who rely on screen readers but also boosts the SEO performance of your website. Providing appropriate alt text is essential as it enables everyone to fully understand and engage with the content, even when images cannot be displayed. With AltText.ai for WordPress, you can effortlessly enhance the accessibility and searchability of your website's visual content.

Usually Wordpress gives you BLANK alt text with anything uploaded to the website or Media Library:


This plugin will take any photo and using AI it will generate alt text automatically with anything new that you upload.

We uploaded this image (without editing anything) and put it into Wordpress with the alt text plugin installed.

Here's what it created:


Alt text serves as a valuable tool for search engine crawlers, offering them detailed descriptions of images to improve indexing and ranking in image search results. By providing this contextual information, alt text enhances the visibility and relevance of images on a webpage, ultimately contributing to a more comprehensive understanding of the content for both search engines and users. Additionally, incorporating alt text ensures that visually impaired individuals using screen readers can access and comprehend the visual elements of a website, making the content more inclusive and accessible to all.

Download the Alt Text Plugin

Additional Option with this tool:

Ecommerce Platforms

Our Shopify app and WooCommerce integration intelligently add your product name and brand into the generated alt text.

Headless CMS

Use our native app for Contentful or app for Hygraph to seamlessly add AI-generated alt text to your images within the CMS. We even have a Zapier integration to handle other platforms!

Website & Developer API

Generate alt text for individual images , or process in bulk via Dropbox or CSV import. Our Developer API lets you add SEO alt text anywhere in your application.

Browser Extensions

The Alt Text Chrome Extension and Firefox AddOn let you right-click on any image and get alt text to copy and paste. Use them with your Squarespace site, Webflow project, or any other web page.


We offer pre-built connectors for Zapier, Pabbly, Albato, and SureTriggers. You can hook these up to hundreds of other supported systems to build a fully automated alt text generation workflow.

Next Steps:

Download the Alt Text Plugin



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