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Revealed: The Secret Trick to Unlock EVERYONE's LinkedIn Stats

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Well it's not really a trick as much as it is a tool, but here's how it works!

Video Summary:

What's the best social media platform to generate new leads?

The best social media platform to generate new leads is LinkedIn. The Visit-to-Lead Conversion Rate percentage is nearly 4X that of Facebook & X (Twitter). If your business is looking for leads on social media, you need a strategy for LinkedIn.



How to View Anyone's Profile Analytics on LinkedIn?

Let's not try to reinvent the wheel. Rather analyze the content that has performed the best and apply your brand voice and expertise to try to get that similar level of engagement you initially found. Here's how to view anyone's analytics and data from their LinkedIn profile: 

1. Go to any LinkedIn profile

Doesn't matter who it is, but trying to pick someone who's content gets large engagement and is in your vertical.

Simon Sinek LinkedIn Profile 2024

2. Open the Kleo sidebar

Use this link to install the chrome extension.


3. Click the Creator Insights button

It's small and not obvious, but click the lightbulb icon that overlaps the profile image.


4. See their profile stats

Helpful stats to review:

  • Follower rankings
  • Posting start date
  • Posting frequency
  • Common posting time
  • Common posting days


5. See their post stats

Less helpful but still interesting to see their influence:

  • Avg post engagement
  • Total # of viral posts
  • Post format breakdown
  • Engagement breakdown


6. Download the profile’s ‘scorecard’


7. Share the scorecard


That's it!


Instead of trying to come up with completely new strategies, take a closer look at what has already proven successful. By analyzing the top-performing content, you can tailor your approach to match the level of engagement you aspire to achieve. This method allows you to leverage your brand's unique voice and expertise effectively. Dive into the analytics and data of any LinkedIn profile using the following steps to gain valuable insights and improve your social media strategy.

Matt Sullivan

Matt Sullivan

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