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Everything Coming to iOS 18 - Apple Update (September 2024)

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Key Takeaways

  • Apple announced the update of iOS 18 on June 10th at their Apple Event
  • AI features like the new Genmoji and photo editing will be added to iPhones
  • iMessage will see some new features and user-friendly improvements

The Announcement

Apple Events are always exciting, whether they're covering a new update or a new devices- we always look forward to them, and this event was just as exciting.

Apple wowed tech enthusiasts on June 10th at the Apple Event, showcasing their latest innovations. The upcoming iOS 18 release in September promises to revolutionize the iPhone experience with AI-driven enhancements, including personalized emojis, dark mode options, and improved photo editing. Users can expect unparalleled customization with Genmojis, light and dark mode app options, unlimited reaction texts, scheduled texts, and upgraded photo editing tools. Here are all of the new updates coming to iPhone all in one place.

Get ready for an exciting iPhone experience in September!

All of the new updates...

Creating your own emojis- or Genmojis

Want to express yourself but feel limited by the Emoji options?

Introducing a cutting-edge feature from Apple's AI advancements in iOS 18 - Genmoji! With Genmoji, you can now unleash your creativity and design your very own personalized emojis instantly. Simply input text prompts like "smiley chilling with cucumbers" to generate unique AI-crafted emojis that truly express your style. This is the first time Apple has spoken on using AI, and it seems they're embracing it, as this update has quiet a few AI tools within it.

Let your imagination run wild!

WWDC 2024: Genmoji lets you create your own emojis with 'Apple  Intelligence' | Mashable


Light and Dark Mode Apps

Are you the type of person that thrives when all their apps are on dark mode? Now your phone can be too.

With the new iOS 18 update, you can now personalize the look of your app icons by selecting from a range of colors and switching between dark and light modes. Let your iPhone's Dark Mode settings automatically adjust the appearance or choose your preferred mode manually. It's all about customizing your device to suit your style and preferences. 

This update also looks like it will allow you to change your app colors to one solid color- like the blue shown in the photo below. May those who love to color coordinate thrive! 

iOS 18 Announced: New Dark Mode, Maps, Lock Apps, Messages Via Satellite,  Photos App And More | Times Now


Unlimited Reaction Texts

Tired of the simple thumbs up, laughing, heart reactions (also known as Tapbacks)?

iPhone will now allow you to choose through all of their Emojis and find the perfect reaction for every text message. These options will expand to include any emoji or sticker stored on your device, giving you even more ways to express yourself in your messages.

We're curious as to if this will allow us to add Genmojis as well, but only the future will tell!

iOS 18: Texting will look, work differently after iPhone update


Scheduled Texts

Never forget that birthday text again!

Once you have iOS 18 installed, scheduling a message is a breeze. Just compose your message, set the date and time, and let your device handle the rest by sending it at your specific selected time. Your message will be safely stored and sent at the designated time without you having to worry about remembering it later.

With this feature, you'll be able to set a text months in advance, so you'll always have the time to be prepared.

WWDC 2024: iOS 18 features include scheduling texts and more iMessage  tapbacks | Mashable


Upgraded Photo Editing

Ever have that perfect picture with one simple imperfection, like someone walking in the background? 

iOS 18 embraces AI once again, by using it to help remove unwanted objects from your photos, directly from the Photos app. All you'll have to do is open your photo in the Photos app, select the 'clean up' tool, and draw over what you'd like removed.

No more photo editing apps!

iOS 18 makes iPhone more personal, capable, and intelligent than ever -  Apple


Text Siri

If you're like me- speaking to a robot feels a little embarrassing. That's why they have now upgraded Siri to be able to understand texts! Now, you can ask Siri a question, even when she can't hear you. All of her commands will continue to respond the same- just via text!

iOS 18: New features and what to know | CNN Underscored


RCS on iPhone

Apple and Android are constantly trying to compete with each other, however, we're very happy that in this update, Apple has embraced Android's technology. With the addition of RCS on iPhone, pictures being sent from Androids or other phone types will no longer be blurry. This also means you'll be able to send and receive voice memos from other phone types.

Stay connected with different phones in a new way!

Apple will support RCS with iOS 18, improving messaging experience between  iPhone and Android - 9to5Mac


New Control Center Layout

Do you wish your iPhone's control center had more options? Now it can!

Apple worked to make the control center the most accessible section of the iPhone, being revealed in a single swipe. In the innovative iOS 18 update, the Control Center has been revamped into a three-page layout. The initial page showcases familiar controls like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, flashlight, and volume. The second page is tailored for media controls, while the final page houses connectivity toggles for seamless functionality.

Now, so many apps will be accessible immediately.

iOS 18 makes iPhone more personal, capable, and intelligent than ever -  Apple


New Mail Layout

Messy inbox and no clue where to start? Wait for iOS 18!

Mail will introduce new ways for users to efficiently manage their inbox and stay up-to-date. By categorizing emails on the device, messages will be organized into different sections: Primary for personal and urgent messages, Transactions for receipts and confirmations, Updates for social and news alerts, and Promotions for marketing emails and discounts. Additionally, a new digest view will compile relevant emails from businesses, making it easier for users to quickly spot important information at a glance.

iOS 18: New features and what to know | CNN Underscored


The Passwords App

Following the update to iOS 18, every iPhone will have an app called 'Passwords' installed. 

The Passwords app simplifies access to passwords, passkeys, Wi-Fi passwords, and verification codes for users. Additionally, it provides alerts about common security vulnerabilities, like easily guessed passwords, repeated usage, and exposure in data breaches. This is an extension to the feature currently on the iPhone called 'Keychain'. As someone who is constantly forgetting what password I've used for what account- I personally can't wait for this app. 

iOS 18 makes iPhone more personal, capable, and intelligent than ever -  Apple


New Messaging Effects

New formatting options have been introduced, allowing your message text to animate with ripples, jitters, shakes, blooms, and more, adding an interactive element to your conversations. 

Previously, Apple only allowed you to do this with an entire text, and were limited on different effects- but with this update, iPhone added a bunch of new effects and allows you to select a certain word to apply the effects to- so you're entire message won't do the action.


New Photo Layout

Tired of the basic Photos app layout? It has now been redesigned!

Explore the redesigned Photos app in iOS 18, featuring a fresh new design that presents a grid view of your entire photo collection at the top of the screen. Effortlessly browse through your images using the filter button for seamless organization. Delve into the People and Pets section to discover specific sets of photos showcasing your beloved faces and furry companions.

Prepare to uncover your cherished memories in a whole new perspective!

The redesigned Photos app in three screens showing the main view, the collections view and the memories in carousel


App Privacy

Don't want your friends to know you sing? You can now hide your secret karaoke apps with iOS 18.

According to Apple, with this update, users can now lock an app, and for additional privacy, they can hide an app, moving it to a locked, hidden apps folder. From there, users will not be able to search, interact, or view the app until allowed again. It will be a little secret between you and your phone.

We're hoping this is just used for karaoke secrets, and not anything deeper than that!

iOS 18 makes iPhone more personal, capable, and intelligent than ever -  Apple



Apple is truly revolutionizing the iPhone experience with the upcoming iOS 18 update. The focus on enhancing the texting experience is a game-changer, allowing users to express themselves in new and exciting ways with personalized emojis, unlimited reaction texts, and scheduled messages. The introduction of Genmojis and the clean-up tool for photos showcases Apple's commitment to integrating AI tools into the user experience, making tasks like photo editing effortless and fun.

With the new iOS 18 update, Apple is not only providing a more seamless and customizable interface but also prioritizing user privacy and security with features like app locking and hiding. This attention to detail ensures that users can feel confident in the safety of their personal information while enjoying all the innovative features that iOS 18 has to offer.

Overall, Apple's dedication to providing an easier and more exciting user experience shines through in every aspect of the iOS 18 update. From enhancing communication with new messaging effects to simplifying password management with the Passwords app, Apple is truly setting the bar high for smartphone innovation. Get ready to experience a whole new level of functionality and creativity with your iPhone this September.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What phones will be getting the iOS 18 update?

Any iPhone XS/XR and newer will get this update. These devices mark the minimum requirements for accessing the exciting features of iOS 18. 

How do you update to iOS 18?

You may be able to get iOS 18 early! Go to the Settings > General > Software Update. Next, go into Beta Updates and tap the iOS 18 Developer Beta option. This will allow you to be a beta tester for Apples new update- however, since it is still in beta testing, the update may have bugs. 

What iPhones won't be able to update to iOS 18?

Any iPhone below the XS/XR will not be able to get the update. Usually, the guideline for iOS updates is a 5 year gap since the phone has been released. 

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