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Canva Create 2024 Keynote Recap: Major Updates and AI Innovations

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Key Takeaways

  1. Major Updates Across All Departments: Canva introduced significant updates in its Editor, Marketing, Sales, HR, Creative, and Enterprise sections, demonstrating a comprehensive redesign aimed at enhancing productivity and creativity.
  2. Integration of Advanced AI Tools: Canva showcased the integration of advanced AI tools across its platform, emphasizing features like Magic Write, Magic Media, and Data Autofill to streamline and enhance the design and workflow processes.
  3. Commitment to Social Impact: Canva reaffirmed its commitment to social responsibility, including initiatives like free premium access for educators and nonprofits, environmental sustainability efforts, and significant equity pledges by its founders.

Canva Create 2024: The Ultimate Recap

The Canva Create 2024 keynote, held on May 23rd in California and broadcasted live on YouTube, was a landmark event that showcased Canva’s latest innovations and updates across various departments. The keynote was divided into six sections: Introductions, Editor Glow Up, Marketing, Sales, HR, Creative, and Canva Enterprise. 

Here's a detailed summary of each segment:


The keynote kicked off with a warm welcome from the Canva team, highlighting Canva's mission to empower the world to design. The introduction set the tone for the event, celebrating the significant milestones achieved by Canva’s global community. Over 185 million people use Canva monthly, contributing to more than 25 billion designs since its inception. This section underscored Canva's commitment to simplifying design and making it accessible to everyone.

Editor Glow Up

One of the most anticipated parts of the keynote was the "Editor Glow Up" segment, which introduced a refreshed and enhanced Canva editor. 

Key updates included:

  • Improved Interface: The new editor features a more intuitive interface, providing more space for creativity by minimizing the side panel and introducing a quick-action toolbar.
  • AI-Powered Tools: Canva's editor now incorporates advanced AI tools such as Magic Write for personalized text generation, Magic Media for creating graphics, and a one-click Background Remover.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: The updates facilitate better team collaboration with features like Layouts for quick design assembly and a more efficient whiteboard for brainstorming sessions.

Canva Create Main Page

These enhancements are designed to streamline the design process, making it faster and more efficient for users at all skill levels.


The marketing segment showcased how Canva continues to be an invaluable tool for marketing teams, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies !

 Key highlights included:

  • Bulk Create: This feature allows marketers to generate hundreds of design variants by filling a spreadsheet or CSV with different messaging iterations.
  • Ad Tech Integrations: Canva has partnered with major ad platforms like Google, Amazon, and Meta, allowing users to design, optimize, and publish ads directly from Canva.
  • Work Kits: Canva introduced Work Kits, a collection of best-in-class templates designed to support everyday marketing tasks, including campaign strategies, content calendars, and user personas.

Canva create marketing tab

These updates aim to enhance creative efficiency, speed up time-to-market, and improve campaign effectiveness.


Canva’s updates for sales teams focused on streamlining workflows and enhancing engagement with clients. 

Key features included:

  • Data Autofill: This feature enables sales teams to create personalized, data-driven sales materials quickly by matching CRM data with Canva designs.
  • Recordings: Sales professionals can now narrate presentations, product demos, and videos, adding voiceovers and recording their screens to create engaging, personalized pitches.
  • Insights and Analytics: This feature provides detailed analytics on how proposals and presentations are received, allowing sales teams to optimize their content and improve conversion rates.

Canva create Sales tab

These tools are designed to help sales professionals spend more time selling and less time on administrative tasks.


The HR segment introduced tools to enhance internal communication, training, and team collaboration.

 Highlights included:

  • Centralized Knowledge Base: Canva’s new HR tools provide a centralized space for all team communications, resources, and templates.
  • Canva Courses: This new feature allows HR teams to create engaging courses for onboarding and upskilling employees, tracking their progress throughout the learning journey.
  • Design Accessibility Tool: Canva introduced a tool to ensure all designs are inclusive and accessible, catering to diverse needs within the organization.

Canva create HR tab

These updates aim to improve the overall employee experience and streamline HR processes.


For creative teams, Canva unveiled powerful new tools and integrations to enhance brand management and creative workflows. 

Key updates included:

  • Affinity Integration: Canva announced its acquisition of Affinity, bringing professional design tools like Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer into the Canva ecosystem.
  • Brand Kits: The new Brand Kits feature allows organizations to manage multiple brand identities seamlessly, switching between them as needed for different projects.
  • Enhanced Design Tools: Canva’s creative tools now include more advanced features for professional designers, making it easier to create, manage, and scale brand assets.

Canva create Creative tab

These enhancements are aimed at reducing bottlenecks in creative workflows and allowing designers to focus on high-impact projects.

Canva Enterprise

The keynote concluded with the introduction of Canva Enterprise, a comprehensive solution designed to empower entire organizations. 

Key features included:

  • Centralized Brand Management: Canva Enterprise allows organizations to centrally manage their brand, control access to fonts and colors, and set up approvals for designs before publication.
  • Security and Compliance: The platform includes robust security features such as single sign-on, automated licensing compliance, and detailed audit logs.
  • Seamless Integration: Canva Enterprise integrates with popular business tools like Slack, LinkedIn, Salesforce, and more, providing a unified platform for all design and collaboration needs.

Canva Enterprise

Canva Enterprise aims to bring the power of Canva to large organizations, ensuring that every team can benefit from its tools while maintaining control and compliance.


 What are the new AI-powered tools introduced in Canva’s editor?

Canva introduced several new AI-powered tools, including Magic Write for personalized text generation, Magic Media for creating graphics, and a one-click Background Remover, all designed to enhance the design process.

 How does Canva’s Bulk Create feature help marketers? 

The Bulk Create feature allows marketers to generate hundreds of design variants by filling a spreadsheet or CSV with different messaging iterations, significantly speeding up the campaign creation process.

 What is Canva Enterprise, and who is it for?

Canva Enterprise is a comprehensive solution designed for large organizations, offering centralized brand management, robust security features, and seamless integration with popular business tools.

 How does Canva support educators and nonprofits? 

Canva provides free premium access to its products for educators and nonprofits, supporting their efforts to enhance education and social impact through design.

What environmental initiatives has Canva undertaken?

Canva has pledged to plant a tree for every item printed, resulting in 6.2 million trees planted globally. They are also developing a community solar energy project in Illinois to tackle supply chain emissions.

For more details, you can watch the full Canva Create 2024 keynote on YouTube here.


Brit Mallebranche

Brit Mallebranche